KROHNE Insights 1to1: personal virtual tours on latest innovations and trending topics in process measurement

  • From February 21 to March 11: customer centric private sessions delivered by KROHNE experts, tailored to specific interests
  • Worldwide offering with suitable time slots for all time zones
  • Opportunity to learn more about digitalisation, IIoT, Industry 4.0, smart flow control, and plant safety solutions, plus industry-specific trends and topics

KROHNE announces its upcoming KROHNE Insights 1to1 series, covering the latest innovation and topics in industrial process measurement. From February 21 to March 11, the company will set up an exhibition at their Duisburg headquarters and offer personal virtual tours delivered by KROHNE experts. Interested parties can reserve one of the limited spaces here:

The fully-digital format is a creative reaction to the ongoing difficult situation for fairs and exhibitions: KROHNE Insights 1to1 is accessible worldwide with suitable time slots for all time zones.

Depending on their areas of interest, attendees can select from a broad range of trending and industry-specific topics, or learn about new products, solutions or services. The video meeting will be hosted by product or industry specialists to discuss individual areas of interest, plus senior relationship managers if an existing KROHNE customer.

There is opportunity to cover trending topics such as digital field communications, IT/OT convergence for greenfield and brownfield, Industry 4.0 and IIoT, smart flow control with FOCUS-ON, or plant safety and security.

For those focused on specific industry solutions, the KROHNE team are looking to demonstrate, amongst others, (MTP) automation solutions for chemical, hygienic measurement solutions for Food & Beverage, measuring solutions for Oil & Gas from LNG to hydrogen, multiparameter measurement in Water & Wastewater, geothermal steam measurement in Power applications, or fuel consumption and emission monitoring for Marine vessels.

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