AF-E 400: new ultra-compact flowmeter for utilities and industrial automation

  • Compact, robust design for parallel installation and tight spaces
  • Best-in-class in terms of temperature range, accuracy, pressure drop and flow range
  • Flow range 0.005..150 l/min, integrated temperature measurement
  • Full colour display and various output options

KROHNE introduces the AF-E 400 ultra-compact electromagnetic flowmeter for utilities and industrial automation applications. It is specially designed to fit in applications with little installation space available, e.g. in cooling lines of welding equipment, bending machines and robots, or on chemical dosing skids. AF-E 400 matches the requirements of application areas in heating and cooling/temperature control, machine building of washing or dosing equipment, HVAC, and utilities and industrial automation applications in all process industries.

KROHNE has examined issues with products in this segment and developed the cost-effective ultra-compact flowmeter to be best in its class in terms of temperature range, accuracy, pressure drop and flow range: AF-E 400 features a stainless steel housing and is suitable for continuous use at +90°C/ +194°F liquid temperature, allowing for operation in very demanding cooling and hot water applications. The round bore reduction of the sensor makes the flowmeter more resilient in terms of increased pressure, ensuring high accuracy over a wide pressure and temperature range, and a high turndown ratio without risk of cavitation. The integrated temperature measurement eliminates the need for an additional sensor, minimising the intrusion points in the pipe and providing more data from the process.

AF-E 400 also features extensive self-diagnostics: the meter continuously monitors several critical aspects including low supply voltage, incorrect parametrisation, flow range exceedance, or short circuit on any of its outputs. Warning messages according to NAMUR NE107 alert the user via the rotatable full colour display or the communication outputs.

Due to the special design of its magnetic circuit, field strength and electronics, AF-E 400 is immune to crosstalk caused by magnetic field overlap of adjacent devices, and can be installed in series or in parallel up to a distance of 2 mm/ 0.08" from device to device without interference.

Nominal sensor sizes reach from DN6...25/ ¼...1¨ for flow rates up to 150 l/min/ 40 US gpm as standard, up to 500 l/min/ 132 US gpm on request. Output options include 4...20 mA, pulse, frequency, switch, IO–link or Modbus to provide operators with multiple sensor and application data for smarter factory automation. AF-E 400 is sold from stock and shipped within 48 hours.

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