Potentiometric pH sensor for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications

  • 2-wire loop powered, 4…20 mA/HART® 7, for direct connection to a PCS
  • Process connection: PG13.5
  • 0…14 pH; Max. +140°C / +284°F (SIP/CIP)
  • Autoclavable glass sensor with ceramic diaphragm and Pt1000 for temperature compensation
  • Icon/Logo for Transmitter built-in

SMARTPAT PH 8570 – Standard version

SMARTPAT PH 8570 pH sensor – Standard version

The SMARTPAT PH 8570 is a 2-wire loop powered pH sensor for applications in the food and beverage or pharmaceutical industry. The sensor type is sterilisable and fully autoclavable for installation in hygienic areas. With its membrane glass type S and the pressurised reference electrode the sensor provides a high long-term stability. Offline calibration of the sensor is possible under controlled conditions, generating cost savings due to less operator time on-site and longer sensor lifetime.

The SMARTPAT PH 8570 is part of the SMARTPAT product family - the first sensor line in the market featuring an integrated transmitter with built-in fieldbus communication (HART® 7) and current output. The real open standard enables a direct connection from the sensor to the process control system. Unlike other commercially available pH sensors, there is no need for external transmitters. Thus, price and maintenance costs of the complete measuring point are considerably reduced.

Product highlights

  • No external transmitter needed
  • Offline calibration under controlled conditions: Cost savings due to less operator time on-site and longer sensor lifetime
  • Long-term stability with pressurised RheoLid electrolyte filled reference electrode
  • Suitable for CIP (Cleaning In Place), SIP (Sterilisation In Place) and completely autoclavable
  • With integrated temperature sensor and standard VP2 connector
  • Free of charge PACTwareTM FDT/DTM for easy handling of offline and online configuration
  • Direct connection via standardized fieldbus (HART® 7)
  • Various mounting assemblies for easy installation and reliable handling

Typical applications

Food and beverage industry

  • Process control in the production of cheese, milk, beer, fruit juices, yogurt

Pharmaceutical industry

  • Process monitoring of biotechnological and pharmaceutical fermentation processes

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