Pressure transmitter for standard pressure and level applications

  • Compact design with recessed stainless steel diaphragm and optional display module
  • 0.1…100 bar / 1,45…1450 psi
  • Thread: G12, 12 NPT (male, female)
  • 2-wire 4…20 mA/HART®

OPTIBAR PM 3050 - Version with recessed diaphragm

OPTIBAR PM 3050 Pressure transmitter

The OPTIBAR PM 3050 is a compact pressure transmitter with recessed diaphragm for general purpose pressure and level applications. It is designed for gauge or absolute pressure measurement of air, inert gases, vapours and clean liquids in pipes, tanks or reservoirs. It can also be used for cost-effective hydrostatic level measurement of clean liquids in open tanks.

The pressure transmitter has an excellent measuring accuracy over a wide temperature and pressure range. It also features very short response times (<50 ms), outstanding repeatability and very good long term stability. Additional digital compensation reduces the temperature dependence on the pressure measurement. The electronics and the optional display and adjustment module are located in a rugged fully welded stainless steel housing. For a quick commissioning, zero point and measuring range can be easily adjusted via internal push-buttons.

Product highlights

  • Measuring accuracy up to ±0.1% of set span
  • High overload resistance
  • Fully welded construction
  • Vacuum resistant
  • Very short response times (<50 ms)
  • Easily programmable with optional display and adjustment module

Typical applications


  • Absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gases, vapours and liquids
  • Hydrostatic level measurement in open tanks
  • General applications in industries such as:
    • Iron, steel and metal
    • Water and wastewater
    • OEM / Automation

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