Applications in the Water & Wastewater Industry

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Level measurement in a recycled sludge tank

  • Collecting sludge from septic systems at waste water plant
  • 3,65 m / 12 ft deep underground tank with moving medium
  • Pump control for the distribution of sludge to further treatment

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Biogas measurement for the supply of a combined heat and power plant

  • Methane gas production in the area region Bern AG wastewater plant
  • Ultrasonic flow measurement of digester gas with a high CO2 content
  • Measurement of the energy transport from digestion tower to gasometer with no pressure loss

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Flexible flow measurement, no process interruption

  • Automatic leak monitoring of water consumption overnight
  • Easy to install from outside without interruption the process
  • On-site data storage and reading

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WATERFLUX 3070 C for monitoring water use of a swiss apartment building

Application area: Revenue metering

  • High accuracy over a wide turndown ratio
  • Battery powered: no cabling required & continued measurement in case of power failure
  • Low pressure loss

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Measuring the chlorine content in the emergency chlorination of waterworks

  • Determining the chlorine content in drinking water for measuring free chlorine in the emergency chlorination of a waterworks
  • 100% measurement availability thanks to low-maintenance, membrane-free sensor and automatic sensor cleaning
  • Uninterrupted calibration by comparison to the laboratory value after DPD

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TIDALFLUX provides a clean working environment

  • Flow measurement of partially filled pipes
  • Wetted electrodes prevent corrosion by H2S
  • Measurement in closed piping system enables safe and clean working environment

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Turbidity measurement for monitoring the quality of potable water in waterworks

  • Continuous turbidity measurement in accordance with ISO 7027
  • Easy to calibrate thanks to cuvette technology
  • Minimal maintenance thanks to ultrasonic cleaning

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Electromagnetic flow measurement of rainwater off metal roofs

  • Measuring the metal contamination of rainwater off metal roofs (zinc, copper, lead)
  • Filtering the rainwater contaminated by metal
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of cleaned rainwater

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Controlling foam removal in a sewage treatment plant

  • Fully automated foam detection and activation of foam removal
  • Measuring the reflection factor of the water surface using a level meter
  • No risk of foaming over

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Drinking water flow metering at remote distribution stations

  • District measurement for supplying three municipalities with drinking water
  • Decentralised location of distribution station with no connection to power supply
  • Precise measurement of drinking water consumption and minimisation of loss

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Simultaneous measurement of flow and electrical conductivity

  • Analysis of the quality of water and wastewater
  • Indication measurement of electrical conductivity
  • Additional costs for analytical conductivity measurement eliminated

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WATERFLUX 3070 in Water Distribution Network of Evides

  • Battery powered stand alone solution
  • Custody transfer of potable water subject to MID MI-001 for water meters

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OPTIFLUX 2000 Sensor Offers Watertight Reliability

  • Sensor with special coating and IP 68 allows for buried installation
  • Fully welded maintenance free construction with no moving parts
  • Accurate and reliable measurements

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Q-FLOW uses WATERFLUX 3070 for regeneration of water wells

  • Accurate flow measurement for maintenance and testing of water wells
  • Battery powered measurement solution for remote locations
  • Water meter with high turndown ratio because of large variations in flow rates

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Energy savings through sludge blanket measurement in thickeners in waste water treatment plants

  • Optimal filling of the thickener with sludge
  • Energy savings in heating the digestion towers by increasing the suspended solids content
  • Automation of sludge extraction and filling of digestion towers

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Remote monitoring of groundwater abstraction points in city of Jakarta

  • Test and evaluation of a one-stop-solution for water metering, wireless transmission and remote monitoring of readings
  • Retrofitting of mechanical water meters to charge customers for abstracted water from wells
  • Comparison of operability and data security of two remote monitoring systems

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