Palm oil production in the food & beverage industry

  • Single straight tube – full bore – mass flow meters, with low pressure loss and cleanability by pig
  • Measurement of steam, hot water, compressed air, natural gas, (thermal) oil or cooling fluids
  • Gross and net heat measurement for hot water and steam with direct energy output
  • Monitoring air compressor efficiency (FAD) or gas burner consumption, safety loops up to SIL 2/3

With a market share of 30 percent, palm oil is the most cultivated vegetable oil in the world before soybean oil. The global production of palm oil has increased in some cases over 15% in recent years. In 2019, 74,08 million tons of palm oil were produced worldwide. For comparison: in 2010 there were still 46,38 million tons. The total amount of palm oil production of the leading producing countries had an total amount of 72,96 million tones in the year of 2019. The countries with the most important growing of oil palm are Indonesia and Malaysia. Together they have a total account of 85.4% of global production with an ascending trend (approx. 60 million tons of palm oil in 2019). Indonesia had a total production of about 42 Million tones in the 2019. Malaysia had an production of about 20 Million tones in 2019. By 2025, Indonesia is planning to expand their plantations to about 20 million hectares.

KROHNE is the leading provider of measuring instrumentation to the industry palm oil. We design and manufacture a full complement of industry-optimised measurement instrumentation for every step of the process. This presentation is designed to give an overview of KROHNE products and their applications through the different processes focused to the topic of palm oil in the Food & Beverage and Chemical industry. Exemplary measuring points in each process step highlight selected instruments including their features and benefits. However, there is one feature common to all KROHNE instruments: With our world-wide experience we help you to design a process that treats the environment and your financial resources with the utmost care.

KROHNE Global Industry Division Food & Beverage

Headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, our Global Industry Division is dedicated to serving customers in the Food & Beverage industry. Being an instrumentation supplier in the industry for over 20 years, we have gained industry- and application-specific know-how that we implemented into our devices and measuring solutions. Our offering extends from elementary process instrumentation up to fully engineered systems, and from engineering consultancy during the design phase, through to on-site commissioning and training. With presence in around 100 countries, local support is usually available from just around the corner. This applies whether the application can be covered by standard instrumentation, or is more challenging, where a one-off solution with dedicated process diagnostics is required.

KROHNE Food & Beverage

Germany / Duisburg